Institute on Violence, Abuse & Trauma

16th HI Summit Speaker Submissions

16th HI Summit Speaker Submissions

Submission Application for the 16th International Summit on Violence, Abuse & Trauma

April 23 - 26, 2019 | Honolulu, HI

Hawai`i Convention Center

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 16th International Summit on Violence, Abuse & Trauma. By participating in IVAT's 16th Summit, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth below including the Violence, Abuse and Trauma disclaimer.

General Terms and Conditions

You agree to be present at the 16th International Summit on Violence, Abuse & Trauma only for lawful purposes and in accordance with professional, ethical guidelines.

Defamation/Libel Disclaimer

The following applies to all workshops, keynote panels, presentations, poster sessions, video or audio material, bulletin board postings, ideas, suggestions, concepts or other material submitted by you to us ("content"): (a) you must own or have the right to submit content for presentation at the 22nd International Summit on Violence, Abuse & Trauma and all content submitted by you must be legal, honest, truthful, and comply with IVAT's objectives and all applicable laws, regulations, standards of codes of practice; and (b) you must ensure that all content submitted to us does not infringe copyright, design, privacy, publicity, data protection, trade mark, or any other rights of any third party, and is not obscene, abusive, threatening, libelous, or defamatory of any person; IVAT has the right to monitor content and may edit, reject, or remove content if we believe it does not comply with the above. IF these terms and conditions are not accepted in full, you do not have IVAT's permission to participate in the Summit.

Before submitting, please read, and accept the following additional terms: Because our previous attendees have expressed interest in having more interaction with speakers (in addition to their formal presentation times), we request that all speakers register and make an effort to be present for at least one day in addition to the day of their scheduled programming. We require that the online registration process be completed by June 1, 2017 or be subject to cancellation. If selected as a presenter, you are always in the visible eye of attendees and they will look to you for examples of professional behavior. In order to create a healthy learning environment, please remember the following code of behavior:

• Be open to hearing and exploring ideas regardless of the ideological perspective, academic degree absence of one, or professional discipline of other presenters, whose views and opinions may differ from yours.
• Maintain a positive atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration while at the Summit.
• Strive to share helpful ideas, suggestions or improvements.
• Avoid negative, unhealthy or unproductive criticism.
• Use victim-sensitive language.
• Be intolerant of gossip and rumor spreading about any participants,author/exhibitors, speakers, event organizers or anything associated with the Summit.
• Be intolerant of inappropriate sexualized talk, contact and predatory behavior.
• Be sensitive and respectful of the military and law enforcement presence at the Summit.

If you need a book request form, you may download that form here.