Institute on Violence, Abuse & Trauma

22nd Summit Handouts

Sunday, Sept 24, 2017Morning Sessions | 8:30AM - 10:00AM

SA 1I. Interrelated Forms of Violence: Cutting the Roots of the Problem; II. Trauma-Informed Care in a Primary Care
Setting; an Integrative Program

SA 2Learn to Use Simulation to Stop Abuse by Developing your Professional Practice

SA 3I. Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting Training for Professionals Working with Victims & Communities; II. Sexual
Abuse and Misconduct of Students by School Personnel: Challenges, Resources and Recommendations

SA 4Taboos in Treatment

SA 5Conducting Child Custody Investigations w/ Allegations of DV or Child Abuse

SA 5 Handout 2

SA 5 Handout 3

SA 6Motivational Interviewing for Domestic Violence Offenders

SA 7Overview of Child Sexual Exploitation

SA 8I. Enhancing the Response to Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault; II. Investigation & Prosecution Hurdles in Sexual
Assault Cases

SA 9I.Victim Voice & Intersectionality: New Opportunities for Collaboration; II. Forgiveness: Emerging Research and a
Practical Experience of Forgiveness Meditation

SA 10The National Guard Special Victims' Counsel Program & Attorney Representation: The Right to Individual Legal
Representation for Survivors & The Benefits it Provides

SA 11"It's in their Culture": Intersectionality and Gender Based Violence

Opening Plenaries & Ceremonies | 10:30AM - 12:30PM

Keynote"Eradicating Violence in Our Lifetimes: Peace Beyond the Absence of War"

Keynote"We are All Just Different - Intersectionality, Feminism & Gender-Based Violence"

 Lunch - 12:30-2pm

Sunday, Sept 24, 2017Afternoon Workshops | 2:00PM - 3:30PM | Refreshment Break 3:30PM - 4:00PM

SP 1ATreating the Shame Based Client

SP 2ALinking Systems of Care for Children and Youth

SP 3AI. University Student Experiences with Victimization & Perpetration of Violence: Exploring the Impact of
Childhood Experiences, Emotions, & Identity Groups; II. Childhood: The Hidden 'Section' of Intersectionality

SP 4AAdding Animal Abuse into the Family Violence Paradigm: Implications for Research, Policy & Practice

SP 5AWhen Faith Hurts: Recognizing & Responding to Spiritual Impact of Child Abuse & Neglect

SP 6AIPV Offender Accountability - A System Perspective

SP 7ASexual Exploitation of Queer Youth: Unique Issues

SP 8AContainment & Supervision of Adult Sex Offenders on Probation

SP 9ATrauma, Consciousness, & Insights for Treatment

SP 10ATBI Toolkit: Recognition & Response to Traumatic Brain Injury & Veteran Status in Community-Based Settings

SP 11AI. SafeCare+: An Intervention for Latino Families Experiencing Violence & Child Maltreatment; II. The Role of Spirituality in Treating Trauma with African American & Latino Clients

Sunday, Sept 24, 2017Afternoon Workshops | 4:00PM - 5:30PM | Refreshment Break 3:30PM - 4:00PM

SP 1BIntegrating Mindfulness in the Treatment of Complex Trauma

SP 2BPromoting Unity, Justice, & Peace through Music

SP 3BI. Beyond the Therapy Room: Trauma-Informed Care for Children in a Non-Clinical Afterschool Program; II. An Institution’s Responsibilities to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse - And How It Can Be Held Accountable
When It Fails

SP 4BI. Teen Dating Violence; II.  Community Trauma/Community Healing

SP 5BLGBTQI Community Engagement and Coalition Building

SP 6BEthical Implications in Intervention Approaches with IPV Offenders I. The Ethical Implications of Empirical Research for Current DV Offender Treatment Practices; II. Rethinking Outcome Metrics for Batterer Intervention

SP 7BWhat We Know & Don't Know about Perpetrators of Domestic Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

SP 8BComplex Child Abuse Investigations Involving Child Abuse Arising in Custody Matters

SP 9BI. Extremism from the Government Role in the Issues at Standing Rock; II. Trauma, Narratives & Countering

SP 10BWhy Bother Reporting? Treating our Uniformed Heroes for Sexual Assault

SP 11BTransgender Victims of Intimate Partner Violence

Sunday, Sept 24, 2017Welcoming Reception & Poster Session | 6:00PM - 7:30PM

Monday, Sept 25, 2017Morning Sessions | 8:30AM - 10:00AM

MA 1Non-Offending Caregivers with a History of CSA Parenting Their Sexual Abused Children

MA 2Restorative Justice & Forgiveness Model

MA 3Parental Psychopathology & Child Maltreatment: Helping Children by Helping Parents

MA 4I. Women Arrested for DV; II. Survivors Treating Survivors: How can Clinicians who are Survivors begin to Recognize their Unique Challenges as it Relates to Compassion Fatigue?

MA 5How to Talk About Non-Physical DV So Judges & Decision-Makers Will Listen

MA 6I. DV, Risk Assessment, Lethality, & Strangulation; II. Strangulation, DV Victims, & the Criminal Investigation

MA 7SOAR to Health and Wellness: Stop, Observe, Ask, and Respond to Human Trafficking

MA 8I. College Students' Responses to their Sexually Assaulted Friends: Impact of Rape Myth Acceptance & Prior
Victimization; II. Examining Gender Bias & Scale Validity Through the Lens of Rape Myth Acceptance

MA 9Suicide Prevention - Awareness, Intervention, & Postvention

MA 10Responses to Military & Veteran-related IPV: Veterans Treatment Courts & Military-Civilian CCR

MA 11I. What you Say When You are Told the One Thing You were Most Sure of About Your Child is Wrong- Lessons Learned from Eight Years of Discussions with Parents of Transgendered Children; II. The Costs of the Closet; the Trauma of Hiding Who You Are

Monday, Sept. 25, 2017Roundtable Plenary Discussion | 10:30AM - 12:00PM

What is Intersectionality and Why Should You Care?

Lunch on your own 12:00PM- 1:30PM

Monday, Sept. 25, 2017Keynote Panels | 1:30PM - 3:30PM

KM 1Delayed Disclosure of Abuse

KM 2Youth Violence & Our Communities

KM 3B.B. Robbie Rossman Memorial Panel: Alternative Approaches for Working with Maltreatment of Children and

KM 4James Turner Memorial Panel- I. DV Victims; II. Service Provider and Health Care System Practice Implications of DV Risk Assessment, Lethality, and Strangulation; III. Stalking and Harassment Experiences of
Victim/Survivors: What We Need the Police to Know

KM 5William Friedrich Memorial Panel: Key Legal Issues in Commercial Child Sexual Exploitation

KM 6 Linda Saltzman Memorial Panel: Interpersonal Violence in Various Settings; Military; What We've Learned About
Offenders in University Settings; Couples

KM 7Addressing Human Trafficking

KM 8 Assessment and Policy Issues for Juveniles Who Sexually Abuse, Sexually Abusive Youth, and Children with
Sexual Behavior Problems

KM 9Don Fridley Memorial Panel: Best Practices in Trauma Treatment: What to Do When

KM 9 2

KM 10The National Guard Response to Sexual Assault: Attorney & Victim Advocacy for Sexual Assault Survivors in the National Guard & Intersectionality with Military & Civilian, Resources & Justice Processes


KM 11Violence & Trauma in New Zealand & Understanding How to Change the Cycle I. An Observation - The Rocky Road Back to the Village; II. Fale Tulutulu: The Houses that Protect & Hurt Us in Aotearoa/NZ; III. Nothing About Us Without Us: Working Collaboratively to Address Violence against Women in Pacific Island Communities in
Aotearoa/NZ, & Black & ‘Minority Ethnic’ communities in the United Kingdom

Monday, Sept. 25, 2017Afternoon Sessions | 4:00PM - 5:30PM | Refreshment Break 3:30PM-4:00PM

MP 1I. Expression of Self in the Treatment of Complex Trauma & Dissociation; II. No Way I'll do Exposure Therapy:
Advancing Skills to treat Adult Trauma Symphony

MP 1 Additional Handouts

MP 2Advanced Interventions for Chemically Addicted, Trauma Reactive Youth

MP 3Current Research & Issues in Child Maltreatment I. Child Abuse Knowledge Among Professionals and Advocates: Is There a Decision-Making Bias? II. Impact of Parental Immigrant Status on Children's Academic Functioning; III. Differentiation between Sibling Violence and Sibling Rivalry: Results of a Mixed Methods Case

MP 4I. Ho'oikaika 'Ohana-Strengthening of the family; II. Identifying & Supervising Victims of IPV

MP 5I. Finding Equilibrium: Constitutional Issues in Child Abuse Cases; II. From the Interview to Sentencing: Children
in Court

MP 6Which are the Criminogenic & Dynamic Factors in an IPV population? Data & Discussion

MP 7Overcoming Defense Expert Testimony in Abusive Head Trauma Cases.

MP 8I. Don't Shoot, We're Your Children; II. Sexual Assault/Sex Offender, Long-term Follow-up of Recidivism of Sexually Abusive Youth, 6-11 years; III. Intimacy Deficits & Erotically Related Protective Factors & Sexually
Abusive Youth

MP8 Handout 2

MP 9The Intersection of Patriarchy, Misogyny, and Sexism: Implications for Eliminating Gender-Based Violence

MP 10Intimate Partner Violence in the Veteran Population: What is the VA Doing About it?

MP 11I. Building Capacity to Serve Asian Families Living with Violence: Lessons Learned from Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence; II. Explore Chinese Women's Motives, Acts and Outcome of Using Force in Intimate

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017Morning Sessions | 8:30AM - 10:00AM | Refreshment Break 10:00AM - 10:30AM

TA 1Practical Implications of Institutional Betrayal Working with Adult Survivors

TA 2I. Unaddressed Complex Trauma in Inner-City School Settings &  their Outcomes for Minority Youth; II. Trauma-
Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT): Creative Approaches to Complex Trauma Narratives

TA 3I. Creating a Climate of Safety and Transparency to Promote Child Sexual Abuse Disclosure

TA 4I. Duocentric Social Networks and Trajectories of Intimate Partner Aggression; II. Building Community Capacity to Address domestic violence; III. Co-occurrence between intimate partner violence and other parental problems
when both research and action work together to meet the challenge of better integrated services

TA 5I. Emerging Trends Impacting Survivors: Support Strategies for Advocates & Attorneys; II. Successful
Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases with Absent or Recanting Witnesses

TA 6Systematic Approach to Prosecuting Child, Adult & Elder Abuse


TA 8I. Practical and Ethical Challenges when Teaching about Sexual Violence; II. An International Model for the
Prevention & Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse

TA 9Creative Collaborations for Civic Engagement Addressing the Impact of Violence on Society

TA 10Implementation of Change Step in the Air Force Family Advocacy Program

TA 11LGBTQ and you can Too!

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017Afternoon Parallel Plenaries | 10:30AM- 12:15PM

PP 1Integrating Trauma-Resiliency Awareness and Expertise into Health and Human Services

PP 2How the Media can Proactively Address Violence, Abuse, and Trauma

PP 3Max Geffner Memorial Panel: Child Custody Research and Issues with IPV and Child Abuse Allegations

PP3 2

PP 4Addressing Violence & Trauma in Correctional Settings. I. Institutional Violence and Trauma. II. Abuse and Trauma in Health Professionals: What needs to be addressed?

PP 5Trauma Informed Care with Underserved Populations

PP 6What is Trauma-Informed Care and How to Implement it

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017Afternoon Workshops 2:40PM- 4:10PM | Refreshment Break4:10PM-4:30PM

TP 1AI. The Truth of Pat Conroy's Fiction: Institutional Abuse and Family Violence on the Page and Screen; II. Improving Our Collective Impact for Children Exposed to Violence and Survivors of Child Maltreatment through Applications of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study

TP 2AI. Abusive behaviors in Puerto Rican Adolescents Romantic Relationships: A Decision Making Approach; II. Youth Violence Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control &  Prevention; III. A Systematic Review on Correlation between Parenting & Dating Violence in Adolescents & Young Adults: Implication on Practice & Research

TP 3AI. Changing Attitudes about Spanking Among Conservative Christians Using Interventions that Focus on Empirical Research Evidence and Alternative Biblical Interpretations; II. Update on Physical Punishment of
Children; III.  Corporal Punishment: When a Community comes Together

TP 4ARestorative Parenting: Rebuilding Parent-Child Relationships After Violence or Trauma

TP 5AInvestigating and Prosecuting Abuse while Minimizing Trauma

TP 6AWomen Who are Arrested for IPV: Differentiating between Primary vs. Secondary Aggressors

TP 6A Handout 2

TP 7AAll in a Day's Work: Understanding the Impact of Disturbing Images in Child Exploitation

TP 8ASchool Employee Sexual Misconduct: Lessons Learned from a Title IX Policy Implementation Study

TP 9AI. The Impact of ACEs and PTSS on African American males; II. The Impact of Historical Trauma on African
American Clients: Treatment Considerations

TP 10AHow the Military is Addressing Domestic Violence I. Sailor Assistance Intercept for Life (SAIL) program; II. A
View of Domestic Abuse Prevention in the Marine Corps

TP 11ALGBTQ Domestic Violence: Building Capacity

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017Afternoon Workshops | 4:30PM- 6:00PM

TP 1BSex Therapy for Couples impacted by Trauma & Adverse Sexual Events in Childhood & Adolescence

TP 2BWhen the Victim becomes the Perpetrator: Addressing the Use of Abusive Behavior in Adolescent Males

TP 3BSelf-Mutilation, Complex Trauma and Dissociation

TP 4BI. "I Felt that Divorce was Unthinkable": Fatal Beliefs and How to Counteract Them; II. Lethality Assessment: An
Outreach Model

TP 5BCourt Testimony & the Family Challenges I. Creating an Informed Interdisciplinary Judicial Response to Families
During Traumatic Divorce and Custody Litigation; II. Child Sexual Abuse: Testifying in Court

TP 6BClinical Considerations for the High-performance Athletes involved in IPV cases

TP 7BWorking With Men, Boys, and LGBTQ Survivors of Human Trafficking

TP 8BStart by Believing a Public Awareness Campaign Designed to Change our Response to Survivors of Sexual

TP 9BNew Approach for Treating PTSD & Complex Comorbidities: DBT Prolonged Exposure Protocol

TP 10BPrevention to Enhance Resilience in Active Duty Personnel I. Enhancing Resilience in Active Duty Military
Personnel; II. U.S. Army's Increased Focus on Prevention

TP 11BI. The Role of Gratitude in Post-Traumatic Growth; II. The Role of Mindfulness in Reducing Implicit Racial Bias
and Bias Related Incidents

Wed, Sept. 27, 2017 Morning Sessions 8:30AM- 10:00AM | Refreshment Break 10:00AM - 10:30AM

WA 1The Rosalie S. Wolfe Memorial: Responses & Resources: Survivor’s Creating their Own Outcome         I. New Resources for States & Professionals to Better Respond to Elder Abuse & Financial Exploitation; II. In Their Own Words: How Survivor’s Stories Can Make a Difference

WA 2"Communities in Denial" How To Assist Families Who Don't Believe in Getting Help + Working with
Children/Youth/Teens & Families Exposed To Violence, Loss & Trauma-Using Music Therapy Interventions

WA 3Mindful Arts & Crafts- Helping Children Explore, Express, and Heal

WA 4Exploring the Intervention of Domestic Violence, Disability and Trauma

WA 5Comprehensive Parenting Evaluations: Steps with Emphasis on Abuse & Trauma Assessment

WA 6Addressing Abuse in Practice from a Range of Perspectives; Emerging Findings from the UK


WA 8 Identifying Sexual Victimization in Children with Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder

WA 9The Physical Toll of Trauma/Complex Trauma

WA 10Superhero Therapy: Using Pop Culture to Foster Healing

WA 11I. Forced Marriage in the US-Creative Safety Planning & Legal Approaches to Address an Intersectional Harm;
II. When Older Adults Disclose: The Intersection between Age & the Trauma of DV

Closing Plenary & Ceremonies | 10:30AM - 12:15PM

“How a Survivor of Domestic Violence became the Dragon Slayer of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly”

Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017Post-Summit Workshops | 1:15PM - 5:15PM

P 1Self-Injurious Behavior Indicators with Suicidal Ideation Youth Populations

P 2Ethical Issues in Mental Health Treatment, Supervision & Forensic Evaluations

P 3I. You Got Play? Navigating Traumatic Healing in Middle School Children through the Power of Play; II. The
Power of Play: DV & Trauma-Informed Play Therapy Interventions for Youth

P 4Allies in Change: An Integrative Model of Working with Abusive Partners

P 5Practical Applications of Brain Science: Understanding & Addressing Toxic Stress