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IVAT Edits Five Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journals Published by Taylor & Francis Group, and Springer, All Journals are Internationally Disseminated.

The Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma (JCAT)
The Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma presents original research, prevention, and treatment strategies for dealing with symptoms and disorders related to the psychological effects of trauma on children and adolescents. The journal examines the effects of: childhood maltreatment; loss; natural disasters; political conflict; exposure to or victimization from family or community violence; ethnic, gender, or class discrimination; and physical injury, diseases, and painful or debilitating medical treatments. It also examines intervention models directed toward: the individual, family, and community; new theoretical models and approaches; and public policy proposals and innovations. With a multidisciplinary approach that draws input from the psychological, medical, social work, sociological, public health, and legal fields, the journal features original research, theoretical articles, specific review articles, brief reports and case studies, and commentaries on current and/or controversial topics.

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The Journal of Child Sexual Abuse (JCSA)
The Journal of Child Sexual Abuse is interdisciplinary and provides an essential interface for researchers, academicians, attorneys, clinicians, and practitioners. The journal advocates for increased networking in the sexual abuse field, greater dissemination of information and research, a higher priority for this international epidemic, and development of effective assessment, intervention, and prevention programs. Divided into sections to provide clear information, the journal covers research issues, clinical issues, legal issues, prevention programs, case studies, and brief reports, focusing on three subject groups:  child and adolescent victims of sexual abuse or incest, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse or incest, and sexual abuse or incest offenders. Research, treatment approaches and techniques, prevention, intervention, and other programs concerning any of these groups are general categories of the published articles and brief reports. The articles emphasize applying research, treatment, and interventions to practical situations so the importance of the results will be clear.

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The Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, and Trauma (JAMT)
The Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma publishes cutting-edge information on physical and emotional abuse, interpersonal aggression, maltreatment, and trauma. JAMT topic areas can include, but are not limited to, child maltreatment and spouse/partner abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment, assessment of victims and perpetrators, aggression in the workplace or in schools, violence and criminal behavior, innovative treatment and model programs, and ethnic and multicultural issues. JAMT also publishes thematic issues featuring guest editors who focus on a particular aspect of these topics.

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The Journal of Family Violence (JOFV)
The Journal of Family Violence is an interdisciplinary forum for the publication of information on clinical and investigative efforts concerning all forms of family violence and its precursors, including spouse-battering, child abuse, sexual abuse of children, incest, abuse of the elderly, marital rape, domestic homicide, the alcoholic marriage, and general family conflict. The journal publishes clinical and research reports from a broad range of disciplines: clinical and counseling psychology, sociology, psychiatry, public health, criminology, law, marital counseling, and social work.

Note: This journal is published by Springer


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The Journal of Child Custody (JCC)
The Journal of Child Custody provides access to the ideas, opinions, and experiences of leading experts in the field. The journal keeps readers informed of the latest developments in social work, law, and forensic psychology relative to child custody. The journal is peer reviewed anonymously (double-blind), with an interdisciplinary editorial board comprised of child custody evaluators, mental health professionals, researchers, attorneys, and judges committed to the safety and best interests of children in family and juvenile courts.


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All manuscripts must be based on original research and not previously published. 
Manuscripts must be professionally written in APA format, using Times New Roman 12pt font, double spaced with proper headings with a max page count of 30 (this includes abstract, references and tables/figures).
For complete Author Submission Guidelines and to Submit a Manuscript Visit the Journal websites below:

Journal of Child Custody

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma

Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma

Journal of Family Violence


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