Institute on Violence, Abuse & Trauma

What We Are Doing

What We Are Doing

Training and Technical Assistance in Hawai’i.  Ho’omaluhia provides evidence-based, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive and victim centered training and technical assistance to the agencies, organizations front-line professionals serving the peoples of Hawai’i;

Training and Technical Assistance Internationally.  Ho’omaluhia also provides training and technical assistance throughout the Asia Pacific region and to indigenous communities internationally;

Research and Program Evaluation.  Ho’omaluhia will support the development of research networks in the Pacific region, sharing evidence-based programs developed in Hawai‘i with communities in the mainland United States and internationally and bringing evidence-based programs to the Pacific region; and

 Ho’omaluhia collaborated with partners to support the local and regional initiatives needed to build peace and health in the Pacific region.

Ho`omaluhia/IVAT delivered a total of 5 sessions sponsored by the Department of Health.

Two sessions took place in Hilo and Kona in July, and one in each of the following islands: Maui, Kauai and Oahu earlier in the year. These trainings met the basic program on effects of adverse childhood experiences, trauma informed care, and the behavioral health issues throughout the lifespan.

 Ho`omaluhia/IVAT convened some strategic planning meetings at the Pre-Summit to focus on the goals, trainings, networking, for indigenous populations in Hawaii and the Pacific (especially the Pacific Women’s Indigenous Network, and the Hawaiian chapter).

In addition, the Advisory Council had two strategic planning meetings to review projects, goals, funding, and different ways to meet the needs of those on the islands with respect to integration of services and training. The Advisory Council was expanded to add the new CEO of Child & Family Service and also the Executive Director of the HI State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Thus, the main nonprofit agencies around the islands as well as state agencies have been represented in our planning in order to increase the ability to integrate services.

Ho`omaluhia/IVAT received 100+ technical assistance inquiries. The majority of the inquiries were to request support in identifying existing or additional training opportunities covering a wide array of topics, some of which are: 3

  • training outreach in the neighbor islands
  • substance abuse treatment program for adolescents
  • vicarious trauma
  • witness intimidation for domestic violence victims
  • domestic violence training for law enforcement and possibilities for train the trainer
  • sex assault prevention
  • undocumented families’ needs
  • forensic interviewing
  • mandated reporting for educators
  • safer victims’ assistance practices for service providers

Ho`omaluhia/IVAT also received a number of technical assistance requests by partner agencies asking for assistance regarding establishing better coordination & better communication/collaboration among Hawai`i’s training community, request to participate in the Hawai`i Summit Planning committee and many requests regarding the content of the Hawai`i IVAT Summit.  The list of agencies who reached out for technical assistance is a mirror of the list of entities involved in our community as service providers, preventive services and advocacy as well as law enforcement and state agencies, some of which were:

  • Children's Justice Center - East Hawaii
  • Hawai`i Youth Services Network
  • Office of the U.S. Attorney - Hawai'i
  • Parents Inc.
  • Missing Children’s Division Hawaii
  • Office of the Prosecuting Attorney - Hawaii County
  • Family Support Hawaii
  • Hawai`i Crime Victims Compensation Commission
  • Hawai`i Police Department - South Hilo
  • Office of the Attorney General

Ho`omaluhia/IVAT organized and managed the planning of the 14th International Hawai`i Summit  with 50 collaborating agencies contributing during the year to ensure key training topics and workshops to be presented to their staff.  These meetings included representative from the following agencies/organizatio

  • Departments of Human Services
    • Maternal and Child Health,
    • Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  • Addiction and Drug Abuse
  • Office of Youth Services
  •  Department of Education - HI-AWARE project
  •  Office of Victim Assistance for Prosecutor’s Office
  •  Family Programs Hawai`i
  •  Catholic Charities

 Ho`omaluhia/IVAT conducted 16 focus groups and interviews with 49 people from various agencies throughout the state as part of the Needs Assessment project for the Attorney General. As part of the focus groups, we obtained important feedback that we were able to provide to the agencies as well.