Institute on Violence, Abuse & Trauma
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INSTITUTE ON VIOLENCE, ABUSE AND TRAUMA (FVSAI dba IVAT): A comprehensive resource, training and research center dealing with all aspects of violence, abuse and trauma. Through a focus on collaborations with various partnering organizations, IVAT desires to bridge gaps and help improve current systems of care on a local, national, and global level. Donations will be used for neccessary operations and areas that IVAT sees fit.

HO`OMALUHIA (FVSAI HAWAI`I BRANCH): Training, technical assistance for local professionals/NGOS and to support Indigenous, Pacific Island and Native Hawaiian organizations. Donations will be used for neccessary operations and areas that HO`OMALUHIA sees fit.

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Payroll deduction giving is an excellent way to support the causes you care about. You can give small amounts with each paycheck that will add up to a big difference! Follow this link to choose to give to IVAT: CFC#11965