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Forensic Services

Forensic Services


The forensic team at IVAT serves clients who are involved in criminal, family, and civil cases involving a broad range of forensic issues (sexual or physical), including child custody, child abuse, family violence allegations, sexual assault, and trauma.  Services offered include:  

-Forensic evaluations to address a wide variety of psycholegal questions. Our psychologists are able to conduct comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological evaluations.

-Evaluations in criminal court including questions of mental state, competency, and mitigating factors.

-Evaluations in civil personal injury cases including the impact of various forms of trauma, abuse, or assaults on an individual and the assessment of future care needs and costs.

-Evaluations in civil cases to determine if appropriate procedures and standards of care were utilized by an individual or institution.

-Evaluations in family court including child custody evaluations, review of custody evaluations, and cases involving issues of family violence and child abuse.

-Expert witness testimony on a wide variety of topic areas including the impact of trauma, trauma-informed services, child abuse and maltreatment issues, intimate partner violence, the impact of family violence on children exposed, adverse childhood experiences, and neuropsychological concerns. Please contact us for a complete list of areas in which our psychologists are qualified to testify.

-Forensic consultation with attorneys, judges, and other mental health professionals on a wide variety of topic areas.

In forensic cases, the evaluator/expert witness/consultant does not advocate for a client. You are retaining a mental health professional. It should be noted that the forensic evaluator/consultant/expert witness does not provide legal advice. You are encouraged to speak with a licensed attorney if you have legal questions.

The Forensic Team consists of licensed psychologists, post-doctorate fellows, and doctorate-level clinicians with Master’s Degrees in Clinical or Forensic Psychology, who are obtaining their doctorate degrees. They are under the supervision of Drs. Geffner, Shaw and/or Rogers at all times throughout the length of the case. Vitas/Resumes can be requested of any of the Forensic Team.  Learn more about our team here.  


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