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Submissions to Be Reviewed


If you have any questions, please email

Please keep all reviews confidential.  Please do not review your own submissions.  

Please review submissions only if you have some expertise in the particular area (the submissions are divided below by track description)

Feel free to make suggestions – for example:

  • That the submission might better fit in a different track than the presenter selected
  • That it might be better paired with another submission than done on its own
  • That it may work better as a poster than a workshop/panel, etc.
  • That a submission be given more or less time than the presenter asked for if you think the substance and material to be relayed would be better done in a longer or shorter session.

We value your insight and recommendations so the more description you can provide, the better!

Each submission will have an average rating from each reviewer and then another average of the combined reviewer’s ratings.

The lower the score, the better. A perfect score is 1. Submissions scoring 3 or higher would not be accepted as presentations but recommended for a Poster.


Track 1: Childhood trauma

 5        6     17       20      23       25

Track 2. Adolescent Trauma/Youth Violence/At-Risk Youth

15       26

Track 3. Adult/Family Trauma

1        4        10        13        16   

Track 4. Prevention/Early Intervention

18       22    

Track 5. Intimate Partner Violence


Track 6. Trauma in Military Personnel, Veterans & Their Families

2         7        24

Track 7. Healthcare Professionals Dealing with Violence & Trauma

8             11  

Track 8. Criminal Justice & Legal Issues

12       19

Track 9. Human Trafficking

(invited speaker submissions only)

Track 10. Trauma with Socially and Culturally Marginalized Populations and Underserved Populations

9        14