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Your $40 donation will provide one trauma-focused therapy session!

Help IVAT reach our goal to provide 25 trauma-focused therapy sessions to children and adolescents from low-income families in San Diego, and enable those children to address their traumatic experiences by learning skills that promote resiliency. With your help, we can improve the lives of these children and break the cycle of abuse. Please donate here using PayPal or Donate on Facebook!

When IVAT relocated to San Diego county in 2005, we recognized a need for trauma-informed services. Ever since then, our clinical team has provided therapy to children and adolescents who have experienced abuse, exploitation, and neglect. IVAT's mission is to address the gaps in research, policy and practice by being an accessible resource for our community’s most vulnerable.

In 2016 - 2017 alone, more than 42,000 child abuse/neglect reports were made to San Diego's child abuse Hotline, representing more than 79,000 youth (County of San Diego HHSA, 2017). However, we know that trauma does not function in a vacuum, children can be equally traumatized from exposure to violence, and they will not always receive the same access to services. That is where our Professional Clinical and Forensic Services team steps in to help children learn skills for healing and resiliency. 

We know that depending on the age of the individual when they experience trauma, children’s and adolescents’ symptoms can vary and require specialized interventions that can address fear, stigma, hyperreactivity, hostility and emotional dysregulation. IVAT is a unique resource that addresses developmental trauma from a cognitive, behavioral and neuropsychological perspective; by holistically treating the traumatized child we empower resiliency.


INSTITUTE ON VIOLENCE, ABUSE AND TRAUMA (FVSAI dba IVAT): A comprehensive resource, training and research center dealing with all aspects of violence, abuse and trauma. Through a focus on collaborations with various partnering organizations, IVAT desires to bridge gaps and help improve current systems of care on a local, national, and global level. Donations will be used for neccessary operations and areas that IVAT sees fit.

HO`OMALUHIA (FVSAI HAWAI`I BRANCH): Training, technical assistance for local professionals/NGOS and to support Indigenous, Pacific Island and Native Hawaiian organizations. Donations will be used for neccessary operations and areas that HO`OMALUHIA sees fit.

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